about liniex

With many years of experience in the business our reputation means everything to us!
Reputation towards the end consumer with a promise that we supply the newest, most trendy and at the best possible quality everytime.
Reputation towards our customers that we keep what we promise. We follow the international standards towards product safety and CSR relations. Our relations and experience in the Far East makes a difference when fighting for the best items to be shipped in the correct way and on time.
We are willing to Invest heavily in marketing to find the best possible way to support and ensure a success with every product we sell. Our success is meassured on how popular the item is for the end consumer.
We are a close partner with our suppliers. Always trying to improve and further develop items to fit the market and ensure a high performance for all parties. It is important for us to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.


It is our mission to bring trendy and fast moving products for children to the market. With quality, safety and integrity as key words to a cooperation

The people behind LINIEX

LINIEX was founded by Hong Kong Chinese Cherry (Wing Ki) in 2012 with 2 main areas of focus. Import service for Scandinavian toy chains and sales in Eastern Europe. Besides the European background, Cherry has a history in the Hong Kong toys field with a big experience within manufacturing, product development and international sales.

From January 1st, 2015, Morten, who is Danish, joined the company to increase the distribution possibilities and further develop own lines and licenses. Morten has 20 years’ experience in the toy business with retail, purchasing, licenses, B2B sales and executive management.

In March 2015 LINIEX ApS was founded.

The company granted even more experience when another Dane joined LINIEX in 2016, Klaus Schmidt has 14-year experience from the toy business, working for a leading toy company in the Nordics. Klaus has a complete understanding of the process from product development, marketing, category management to retail.

The LINIEX team has in depth knowledge about the trade and regulations within the toys field. The experience from both sourcing and production combined with a big network in the European toy Business makes the foundation for a strong player in the market.